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Nike Kobe 10 X comprehensive analysis

Posted by admin 06/09/2017 0 Comment(s) Kobe Basketball Shoes,

Morning Nike Basketball officially released this affects the global Kemi Bryant tenth generation boots Nike Kobe 10, and this design master Eric Iva will bring us this force for more detailed design, And for us to show the new Kobe Bryant series of clothing and accessories. Although this is the tenth cooperation of Eric Iowa and Kobe Bryant, but this is the two sides through the ten years of running only brewing out of the crystallization. Earlier Kobe Bryant wore the eighth generation in the stadium in the wounded injury, so Zoom Kobe 8 controversial, and Eric Iva design once also suffered media, fans of the parties questioned, while low to help or high help topic The focus of debate. To this end, especially to create the Kobe 9 debut, Bryant injury situation still can not get effective control, simply back to the back of the camp to help, perhaps this is really belong to Bryant's shoes. Only low to help more effective and more comprehensive show Bryant's agility, only low to perfect with nike kobe 10 shoe review Kobe Bryant elusive every attack, and Kobe Bryant in order to win the victory has long been set aside, this is the most pure Player. This section is not only boldly Lunarlon cushioning patent technology and Free shoes of the shoe sole and heel Department of the Zoom Air shock absorber unit perfect combination, but also before the use of the Flyknit braided to the shark skin for the inspiration open Seamlessly set the grid uppers, so that this section is both durable and breathable are superior. And into the new Mamba Race Car traction system outsole design, not only to this section as a racing tire-like grip ability, but also can be more perfect with Nike Kobe Sneakers Bryant in the game to make a variety of breakthrough moments, so Kobe's one stroke A move more complicated and confusing. No more than the description of the experience, but after you personally experience the feelings of the real, interested friends may wish to take it on the pitch it!