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Nike KD10 officially released

Posted by admin 10/12/2017 0 Comment(s)

Beijing time early this morning, the NBA Western Conference finals officially kicked off, the Warriors Kevin Durant also ushered in the personal signing of the first ten pairs of boots KD10 debut, following the first use of KD9 Flyknit build, KD10 Cheap Nike KD 10 Basketball Shoes Men Green Black continues the knit technology combined with specially designed lace System, the 10-generation, lower-bang than the previous generation more precisely catered to Kevin Durant's performance requirements for basketball shoes.

Ten years ago, in May 2007, Nike signed a $ 60 million contract for seven years to a young boy from Texas University who has renewed the contract after the expiration of 2014. Ten years have passed since then, Nike designers Leo Chang and Cheap Nike KD 10 Basketball Shoes Men Black White Kevin Durant continued his new style of writing inspired by his style of play.


Kevin Durant's offensive efficiency and dominance of the game year after year progress, but its boots are also true, from KD9 to KD10 Cheap Nike KD 10 Basketball Shoes Men Black Yellow in the process, the body structure of the Flyknit shoe flexibility, support protection and permeability in all aspects More support in place.

Although the Nike KD series has been introduced to Flyknit technology for nearly two generations, Kevin Durant already liked the technology as early as many years ago. "I got Flyknit Racer running shoes during the London Olympics in 2012. I really like it. Not only avant-garde but also very comfortable, so I also hope my shoes can have Flyknit to join, and KD10 is my best boots so far, "Kevin Durant said.

The proven development of Flyknit technology has enabled Leo Chang and his team to create top fabric fabrics that are made from low-stretch, high-strength yarns (with characteristics similar to those of seat belts) at several stress concentrations in the shoe body, while shoes Collar and forefoot parts are highly stretchable yarns, which creates a feeling of fit to match high-intensity basketball with a sock-like cover. "The 10-year history is pretty big for anything, and innovation like Flyknit will make it even more special." Kevin Durant said he sees the KD10 as his series the clearest two so far One of the innovations, "KD6 was a big turning point, and I trusted Nike and Leo Chang when they created a pair of low-rise shoes that I could wear on the floor and now it's KD10, The upper material combined. "


Kevin Durant said: "They look very obvious. One of the important elements of my discussion with Leo Chang is the shoelace, Having Flyknit uppers and unique lacing systems is the key to an all-in-one pair of shoes. "Cheap Nike KD 10 Basketball Shoes Men Black Grey White KD10 upper knit texture also features groove-like finish that allows the shoelace to fit tightly together. So for this pair of shoes deserves our great expectations.