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Lebron Zoom Soldier 9 actual evaluation

Posted by admin 26/08/2017 0 Comment(s) Lebron Basketball Shoes,


In recent years, Zoom Soldier series has become the league most of the players do not sign the shoes of the first choice, from small Jordan to Thailand Lawson, all positions have players choose this series as their first choice for the NBA. From the beginning of the season Zoom Soldier series is beyond the Hyperdunk series has become the league players to choose the most team boots, which also from a side to prove the strength of the Soldier series. This season NBA schedule has entered the final finals stage, in the second half of this month, Nike will soon launch the double Zoom Soldier 9, can be expected this season will be the NBA next season we see the highest team shoes, where I am in a limited time Zoom Soldier 9 on the actual evaluation.

Lebron Soldier 9 has three actual combat, indoor wood floor two, outdoor rubber to a pair of shoes have a certain understanding, then we bring my personal subjective evaluation.

This generation of Soldier design ideas and the same generation of LeBron 12 combined more from the exterior design to the end of the functional distribution of many reference to the LeBron 12.

Continued the Soldier series of sharp shape genes, two magic straps seem more powerful, side of the huge Swoosh everyone in the LeBron 12 has been seen. In general, the appearance of Zoom Soldier 9 more to take care of the actual needs of the sharp, powerful and functional design to create a unique appearance of the Soldier series.


lebron soldier 9 black continuation of the Soldier series has always been cushioning configuration, not wearing before I can probably guess this piece of the end of the foot feeling, before and after Zoom Air is still the most suitable for the actual combat mix of basketball; Zoom Soldier 9 is to bring me some new experience, first to say that the collection of a new flying line of the upper, toe part of the magic strap and fly line completely fixed, this experience is very interesting, there will not be traditional Tongue, lace tight feeling, more like "wind 2" this zipper uppers full wrapped sense; return to the hard Hyperfuse uppers without Soldier 8 soft Hyperfuse comfortable, but including two straps and Large area in the end of the extension of the direction of the package so that a substantial increase in the package. ; O!? 6 [5 a8 K8 s2 y
In general Zoom Soldier 9 in the comfort of compromise, but still a pair of comfortable real shoes.

Lebron Soldier 9 Pink through a lot of ways to strengthen the stability of the Nike Basketball shoes design, compared to the former, including two straps, re-improved design of the upper, a large area upward extension of the bottom and a few pieces of TPU are to increase the stability of the new point, But after the improvement of the block at the end of the stability of the points have been reduced in the actual lack of TPU in the arch of the total lack of peace of mind.

Said that the protection of Zoom Soldier 9 is certainly not LeBron 12 so exaggerated, but the strength of the two magic straps should not be overlooked, return to the hard Hyperfuse uppers performance better.


Ability to combat Soldier series has always been known for more balanced basketball shoes, Zoom Soldier 9 is no exception, upper and midsole reactive Kobe X, though not so quickly, but also is superior to make, plus special imposed wear-resistant outsole, go to the stadium to play at least not like wearing Kobe X so heartache.

Will be two magic bandage, a large number of Phylon and TPU piled on the upper, the end of the body can not get the final weight of the corpse I think it is excellent results. The weight of the Zoom Soldier 9 is also very satisfying, much better than the LeBron 12's actual dress.


Zoom Soldier 9 worthy of the king of the king of the actual heritage, in almost retain the original merits on the basis of further strengthening the combat effectiveness of the protective and vamps; two magic strap set is very aggressive, Can be a good fixed foot; personally think that the innovative design of the upper fly line in the future will be a new idea of ​​Nike shoes design, wearing a good feeling.