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LEBRON SOLDIER 10 dismantling

Posted by admin 20/07/2017 0 Comment(s) Lebron Basketball Shoes,




In the end, Lebron Soldier 10 addition to the change in the upper, the bottom of the core technology has what kind of evolution, I believe that many fans are concerned about the fans, then we open to see what kind of dismantling video, local tyrants, other children's shoes Please watch in WIFI environment.

Remove the Velcro's upper, that is, the 6 pieces of Velcro will be tightly wrapped around the upper, under the shoe design, which will not have hidden flying line design? However, there is no use of flying line technology, the upper material is very thin, increase the permeability of the same time also reduce the support of the middle of this piece is the ankle at the foam, larger, very good package, left foot profile , The use of half palm boots design, before and after the split air cushion, arch support plate, insoles on the printing quite easy way out, but not very ban grinding, underwear EVA EVA, EVA inside the bottom of the non-woven, non-woven Inside the bottom is the bottom of the technology level, before and after the split ZOOM AIR cushion, foot arch U-shaped TPU support board.

Lebron Soldier 10,In the end of the improvement of science and technology for the actual combat to enhance a lot, but the improvement of the upper and cancel the fly line technology blessing, just use the Velcro, is bound to bring some impact on the support. The new design of the soles of the pattern, grip to be verified.