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Cool Professional Stephen Curry 3 Basketball Shoes Sale

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Yesterday, in the Under Armor "Banner Asia" tour Guangzhou station trip, Curry raid Guangzhou Institute of Sports field, with the local fans for an unexpected intimate contact. Which was fortunate to participate in the students said that Curry Jingqi Stadium is simply too happy to come! The The

In addition, it is worth noting that the foot of the shoes at the foot of God may soon be released a new generation of exclusive boots Curry 3, the following Xiaobian to bring you a group of hot pictures of the scene, the common feeling with the MVP games with the fun scene.

With the excitement of the mood in the last day of October received the official website sent curry3 lake water green due to limited time to take pictures and typesetting may not be fine enough for the start of the jrs to start before you can listen to me nagging two

Stephen Curry Shoes from ua official website has a large protective box comes with plastic straps and so on and before the ua products are consistent
curry3 shoebox compared to the last two generations more calm and low-key is the only bright spot is a golden curry signature
With a piece of shoes structure of the technology card is interested in the English and good jr can be carefully studied. Followed by curry3 worth mentioning a place, on both sides of the carbon plate blessing and the end of the heel in the end of the extension (followed by no tpu is the end of the extension, you can see the structure of the card) makes curry3 heel support to the currry series so far the highest level, two carbon plate to bring the support is really indestructible, compared to previous generations of curry really Is the qualitative leap; another curry3 followed by sponge filled with moderate, will not appear curry2 kind of pit father performance.

- in the end according to the description of the technology card is still consistent in the end of the insole is still familiar with the thick insole (similar to 2.5 and drive2), as the foot feel no actual evaluation, but there are too much experience through the ua shoes To experience the kind of charged stable feedback, and the other in the end of the long strip of carbon plate on the stability of the shoes will be a huge increase (because I do not move the hand of the Mo really do not move this soles ah)